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Why We Exist

DIGITAL is an investment firm that uses a cultural lens to partner with the next generation of iconic companies.

We believe culture and technology have co-evolved since the dawn of humanity.

To us, culture is the set of stories that govern humanity. We believe that stories are the most important asset or liability on the balance sheet of a country, corporation, community, family, or individual given stories tell us what to do tomorrow. Therefore, to edit the future, we have to edit the stories available to people. Technology continually generates new stories for humanity while phasing out the old.

Iconic companies continually write new stories, establishing cultural and commercial relevance for decades. We deeply believe these organizations catalyze humanity’s cosmic fortune, and we're honored to support their missions.

Our Origins

A decade ago, startling reports emerged detailing negative mental health trends among young people worldwide.

Through extensive research, we identified three key factors we believed were contributing to this shift: (i) the competition created by the internet, (ii) a decline in religious beliefs, and, paradoxically, (iii) a decline in tactile friction. We thought that individuals would naturally seek solace and escape into digital worlds, prompting us to invest in this emerging theme.

Technologies We Focus On

In Search Of Aliens

Our philosophy is simple — lead with curiosity, immerse yourself in communities, and operate with conviction, and remarkable things can happen.

When we enter new partnerships we’re looking for four distinct traits — a kaleidoscopic alien building a jetpack product in a ripe market with a cinematic narrative.

DIGITAL is proudly generalist and opportunistic in its strategy while embracing emerging technologies, given that creatives have always flirted with the bleeding edge.

We strive to be an entrepreneur's most trusted partner, for we believe that trust is the foundational element required for any other value in a relationship to be transmitted.