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Our Origins

A decade ago, startling reports emerged, detailing negative mental health trends among young people worldwide. Through extensive research, we identified key factors we believed were contributing to this shift: the competition created by the internet, a decline in religious beliefs, and paradoxically, a decrease in societal violence.

We thought that individuals would naturally seek solace and escape in digital worlds. Coincidentally, a wave of cutting-edge technologies was rising, paving the way for deeper and more immersive digital experiences.

We search for those dreaming about and executing on visions of a future world few, if any, others can currently imagine. Often, new technologies are used to build regressive experiences.

Every once in a while; however, a unique mind at the right time can invent, build, or simply act on a theory that creates a previously unknowable experience and empowers humanity to fly. We spend our days foraging for these aliens and are honored to serve as ands on partners to teams navigating the unfathomable, unfeasible, and uncharted.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is that if you lead with curiosity, immerse yourself in communities, and operate with conviction, remarkable things can happen.

We focus on partnering with entrepreneurs as early as possible and increasing the quantum of capital invested with them as our trust in both the commercial vision and management team grows. We primarily invest in the United States and Europe with a specific focus on the ecosystems surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Paris.

What We Invest In

Our Contribution

We believe that the most impactful currency a society possesses at any given moment are the stories that are available to it. To edit the world, you must edit the story.

World building is both our passion and our expertise. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with founders, meticulously crafting the words, symbols, tribes, and motions needed to acquire, retain, and expand both mindshare and market share.



DIGITAL was founded by Mark Daniel and Benjamin Milstein, two best friends who embarked on a lifelong journey of partnership, growth, and most importantly, fun. We’ve been fortunate to assemble a tight-knit, elite group of professionals that live in service of our founders.

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