The growing importance of digital identity, coupled with the innovation of blockchain technology, created a petri dish for our imagination. A new user-owned version of the internet had the potential to create a more transparent and vibrant world. This now seems obvious, but when we started investing in the “metaverse” in 2018, people wanted to check us into an insane asylum.

We focused on finding the best and brightest individuals and contributed however we could by sharing feedback, offering support, and investing the small amounts of capital we had. After a few years, it was clear our strategy was working and we wanted to be able to support the projects that resonated with us in a bigger way, which is why we started DIGITAL. Our philosophy is that if you lead with curiosity, immerse yourself in communities, and operate with conviction, remarkable things can happen.

In Search of Aliens

We search for those dreaming about and executing on visions of a future world few, if any, others can currently imagine. Often, new technologies are used to build regressive experiences. Every once in a while; however, a unique mind at the right time can invent, build, or simply act on a theory that creates a previously unknowable experience and empowers humanity to fly. We spend our days foraging for these aliens and are honored to serve as hands on partners to teams navigating the unfathomable, unfeasible, and uncharted.


We are stage, sector, and geography agnostic.


DIGITAL was founded by Mark Daniel and Benjamin Milstein (aka OhhShiny), two best friends who embarked on a lifelong journey of partnership, growth, and most importantly, fun. We’ve been fortunate to assemble a tight-knit, elite group of professionals that live in service of our founders.